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Your Position

Hi Pramod:

Thanks for this.

Was wondering what your position is on the issue? You can't be neutral on every issue. Neutral politics is dangerous politics.

Mine is that the proposed ban is a clear violation of one's civil liberties. The impact of removing such a critical protein source from the dietary habits of many people is risky and will in all likely push many people down a slippery slope called malnutrition.

I am a hardened veggie...but ...denying people the right to eat beef or food of their choice? No way!

P Sainath's essay on the Malkangiri Bull in his book everybody loves a good drought - sums up how government policies are bovine in more ways than one.


You're welcome.

That Sainath essay sounds interesting. Will read that book sometime.

I'm definitely against this bill, for the exact reason that it violates civil liberties :) Just didn't want to include that in the reportage. You can read my position here and here.

Re: Your Position



Having the liberty to do doesn't mean its right.

Re: Your Position

"critical protein" source, "manlnutrition" are not the right words to justify. Beef is not the only source of protein, is it ?


Man. Sweet sweet unemployment. :)

Hehe. Let's all follow Sid's lead :P

I did, once... and I can't wait to get off the hook again.

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