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Thanks for the pics and the post. Just reminded me of my childhood. I grew up in Donimalai which is one of the "large and legal" mines there. If you told that Hospet-Sandur was adventurous, you should definitely try Sandur-Donimalai sometime. And for an extra kick / to save a few Rs / if you miss the buses, you could definitely hitch a ride in one of those lorries. It is so much fun! I totally agree that not many things can match that experience, there are so many stories I can recall now. However, I remember that the place was much cleaner in the 90s (may be the the illegal mining was not so rampant then)

Oh wow that's good to hear. I saw the name Donimalai township in one of the maps but was not sure if I should proceed further. Maybe next time, if I get some company :)

It's just sad that so much economic activity has not resulted in better life for people there. And instead they have to live with the side effects.

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Hehe, thanks. What to do, when the media sucks you have to take the reportage into your own hands ;)

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