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Very interesting analysis. Although I definitely not an atheist, I have to agree with many of your points above.

The real problem is that we (speaking for Hindus - I don't know about the others) are so obsessed with rites and rituals, we fail to understand true religion. Even the Gita laments about this sad state of affairs: "..Naanyadastiti vaadinaha.." People think there is nothing else expect homa, havana etc etc...

I think you should ignore the flab and look at religion as a method of enquiry into the "Why" of things. Vedanta and Upanishads are said to employ the scientific method through continuous questioning.

Another thing to remember is that, even in science, we use the method of inference not direct observation - nobody has ever "seen" an electron - we hypothesize its existence based on its quantum effects.

I'll stop here, lets continue this during our beat !! :)

One measure of vitality is the amount of new disciplines spawned (i.e., new subjects opening up for study) and combinations of disciplines (i.e, new ways of synthesizing knowledge). Religion fails spectacularly at this.

I beg to disagree with this point. The very fact that religion has survived for so many years is testimony to the fact that religion is thriving. There have so many offshoots of, dare I say, all religions simply because the very concept of religion is abstract and open to interpretation. So you have various facets of the same sub-sect (let alone religion) ranging from the extreme to the moderate. Religious offshoots continue to spawn in the form of new ideas, new sects, new swamijis and new gurus (not the Nithyananda types of course)

As an aside, have you checked out George Carlin's take on religion ( It's called Religion is bullshit and is a little profane, but worth watching :)

Hm, you make an excellent point. Religion is actually alive and kicking if you look at the no. of new gurus out there. But I don't know if they have succeeded at broadening the scope of their study. The material world is still mostly out of reach. Science continues to surprise us by unearthing new domains of knowledge. Religious people just give a different spin to the same old statements. I guess you could say people like Deepak Chopra are the ones actually doing cutting edge work, but we all know how much sense he makes :|

Oh I love George Carlin! Seen most of his vidoes :)

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