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The plight of farmers and the general state of agriculture as a profession in India ?

Reminded me of our discussion this morning about Karnataka's FM proposing the waiver of loans taken by farmers, in the state budget

Yep, that was the inspiration :)

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Hehe, yeah.
I wanted to imagine the problems of farmers and at the same time highlight the unsound economics in agriculture. If the software world ran like above, it would obviously fail. And from whatever I know, agriculture is indeed being run like that.

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OR quit

Yeah. If 65% of the population are under-educated, individual entrepreneurs then what's the chance of success? I don't know how organised the agricultural sector is, but offhand I can't think of a single brand in products like rice, wheat, sugarcane. Unless these people have found more efficient production systems than for-profit companies! It doesn't help that the West hasn't opened up their market for agricultural imports.

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