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"Doubles, Triples and Quadruples" - play review

Executive summary: This play sucks. Don't go for it.

Evam is trying some new ideas in this "play". Firstly, it's just a series of small unrelated not-so-funny skits. And between acts the actors share with the audience some aspect of their real personal life.

I found most of the skits shallow and silly. True there was a rare good dialogue or two, but overall the skits were set in situations which are both contrived and trite - 2 patients meeting in the waiting room of a psychiatrist (cue the Freud jokes), a "liberal" (sic) father trying to gift his just-turned-19 son a night with a prostitute (American Pie anyone?), another long psychiatrist session at the end...etc. Luckily Evam has good actors who can pull this off. Otherwise it would have been a full two and a half hours of agony. At some point I realized that mainstream Hindi movies are tackling these same themes nowadays with more finesse. What a let down :|

The actors talking about themselves in the middle added absolutely no value. The topics were again the usual suspects - first love (which was easily the most enjoyable of the lot, by someone named Karthik), inter-religious marriage, using the F word onstage, experimenting with cigarettes and wine. I am sorry I forget the rest. However most of the audience were laughing at the right moments, so I guess I was in a minority.

They mentioned something about the plot being "organic", hopefully that means they will change it fast if it doesn't click. I cut the troupe some slack for trying original content. It's obviously very hard and this is an ambitious venture. But for now, I'm going to be suspicious of plays which are not based on well known....plays.

Heck, they are staging "'Art'" again midweek. I loved it when I first saw it, and have half a mind to go watch it and forget I ever saw Doubles, Triples or Quadruples.
Now, off I go to read Haas' review of this play!

P.S: Before the play started, I was ogling at a new set of interviews with Arundhati Roy in The Shape Of the Beast at the bookstore near the entrance of Ranga Shankara. Perhaps anything seems tame after that.
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