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A happy Easter
pramod kde
Just when I had become accustomed to the loneliness and television static in my apartment, I was pulled into a different world during the Easter weekend. Thanks to Harsha and his family, I spent 3 full days in an English town and travelled the countryside! We visited Stratford-upon-Avon, where William Shakespeare was born and spent his youth. I also had my first experience of a beach where the water is so cold you can't play in it much.

The best part of the trip was the food and the conversations, esp. as they always happened together! Every morning we were pampered with a nice breakfast at the cosy little kitchen (overlooking a large green cricket field, I should add). And we would talk about anything from the latest shows on BBC's Radio 4 (of which his mom is a big fan) to the quality of milk in England. In fact the best part about Stratford was the picnic lunch of chitranna, mosranna and uppinkaayi ;) Harsha and I vented to our hearts' content about the various degrees of fascism in the world, taking care not to use the E word (that's Economics) so as not to drive Ashwini over the edge :P (Just kidding - I'm beginning to suspect she actually enjoys our conversations).

All in all, a very happy Easter with a wonderful family!

A most interesting fact is that Shakespeare's father was a successful "glove-maker" who made fashionable gloves for the rich people in Avon. Another fact (which Ashwini pointed out) was that you can see the piece of legal paper that shows that his father bought that house. They have land records going back to the 16th century!

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