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Socialism is for the rich
pramod kde
Apart from Lew Rockwell, only Paul Krugman is so acerbic on a regular basis. But Lew Rockwell makes sense most of the time. Like below:

Beggars at the Fascist Table

"Now the Formerly Big Three - GM, Ford, and Chrysler - want $50 billion in printing-press money for starters. Let these UAW-ridden corporations go under, and new owners reorganize their assets, without trade unions. Of course, that won't happen. You can bet the open and secret bribes being spread around DC will enrich the criminals as usual. And watch conservatives endorse the bailout in names of tanks for the imperial legions, etc. What if Uncle Slaughter didn't have the means to bomb and bribe all over the world? Gives me shivers just to think about it. (Thanks to Andrew Murphy)"


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