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In dependence
pramod kde
As the memories of empire slowly recede
Will we rally for the victims of enemies within?

For the painter who eyes his work from afar
For the writer whose words forced her to flee
For the doctor who dared to herd the heathen
For the dancer who bared the beast in the State

For farmers with no savings as government inflates
For traders who got traded for Namma Metro
For people whom even the law treats queerly
For youth who had more than blood in their veins

For the victims of fixers of the price of life
For the "traitor" who just wanted his money used better
For the father who was hounded by a wolf, egged on by hyenas
And the mother whose unborn was grabbed by the mob

As you let the waves of nationalism wash over you
Count your blessings, but count those in dependence

There are still fights to be fought
And freedoms to be won.
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The Poor Developer - a short story
pramod kde

The Poor Developer
Vijay was holding his breath as scanned the latest update of the National Advertisement Index to see if there was any increase in the ad revenue from his webpage. But alas, it had actually dropped down a few thousand rupees since last year. Time stood still for a few seconds as the impact of this result slowly seeped in. Read more...Collapse )
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A short story
pramod kde
I often do "What if..." scenarios. Today I compiled many thoughts into a short story. Hope it's not too boring.

Short Story: 2700 A.D.Collapse )
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