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These are a few of my favourite songs
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Kannada songs that is. Of late, I find myself listening to these songs very often. If you haven't heard one of these and if you are somebody who understands tha language, go ahead and try it.

1. Nee Amrithadhare (video | audio)
An old favourite. I started listening to it around the time YouTube became generally popular in India. Simple but beautiful lyrics. The video is competent at capturing the first-love angle of this song.

2. Anisutide Yaako Indu (video | audio)
The first song I heard from the film Mungaru Male. And I would listen to this all day! In hindsight the lyrics are not so great, but there's something appealing about the tune itself.

3. Mungaru MaLeye (video | audio)
Happened to see this on TV sometime last year and liked it. This is my most favourite song in terms of lyrics (by Yograj Bhat, the director). The rendering by Sonu Nigam is excellent too. I think I like songs with rhetorical questions ;)

4. AraLuthiru Jeevada Geleya (video | audio)
Another one for the sheer pathos in the lyrics (Jayant Kaikini). Tune is same as No. 2 above.

5. Ee Sanje Yaakaagide (video | audio)
From GeLeya (2007). Somewhat haunting tune. And Jayant Kaikini conjures up something touching or clever in every other line. The slow motion video conveys how time is moving too slowly for the person singing this. Some shots are picturesque.

6. MaLe ninthu hoda mele (video | audio)
From Milana. Lyrics are very good, but it's a sad song. The long instrumental interludes only make sense when you watch the video.

7. Neenendare NannoLage (video | audio)
A recent addition, via Avinash. Jayant Kaikini makes it look so easy. Don't miss the good background score by Harikrishna. The video is so dreadful I've seen it just once.

Did I mention I am a huuge fan of Jayant Kaikini? :)

Do you have any favourite Kannada songs that you feel I should check out?
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