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Mining and forced displacement in Orissa - an activist speaks
pramod kde
I didn't know that Orissa was seeing such big protests against mining and associated land acquisition until a couple of weeks ago when I saw disturbing videos like this one on some Kannada TV channel.

So when I heard that one of the activists from there, called Prafulla Samantara was coming to Bangalore to speak about these issues, I didn't want to miss it. He described a quite scary situation, terming the actions of the government as "state terrorism". Some of the companies involved in mining in this region are POSCO (a South Korean firm), Vedanta and the Tatas.

The audience consisted of some knowledgeable and committed activists from Bangalore, including a few journalists. I took a few videos from my phone. Do watch them and share. There's also a website called where you can get the latest news, for example images from a solidarity rally in Bangalore last weekend.

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