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The fall out of the terrorist attacks
pramod kde
I see 4 distinct impacts on the Indian government and Indians in general due to the latest terrorist attack in Bombay.

1) Increase of government's police and security forces
It's also possible that laws giving more power to police and investigating agencies will be passed. I don't think this can thwart more attacks but will make people feel psychologically secure.

2) Increase in private security firms
I read a report saying the Taj Hotel had actually increased security recently, but obviously not seriously enough. That will change as businesses all over the country factor in the cost of high quality private security. Business Standard says that the private security business is expected to grow from 20,000 to 40,000 crores in the wake of the deteriorating security situation in the country. Such firms might also violate human rights, be biased against Muslims etc., but as long as government respects private property and rights of admission, they'll improve in time. An interesting tidbit is Amitabh Bachchan's blog entry yesterday, where he writes "I did something for the first time and one that I had hoped never ever to be in a situation to do. Before retiring for the night, I pulled out my licensed .32 revolver, loaded it and put it under my pillow. For a very disturbed sleep."

How long before one of these private security firms mistakenly hurt or kill an innocent person? That's a disturbing thought.

3) Identification of an enemy
I still don't understand the motives of the terrorists behind the many recent attacks. For a moment let's disbelieve that they are psychopaths. So for what rational self interest are they fighting? Is our enemy Pakistan and/or Bangladesh? You can't even blame the Pak government because the whole country has become a non-State actor. Or is it disgruntled Indians itself? Attacks in the past have claimed it's revenge for Gujarat, Kashmir or some such. In any case, if it's revenge for the misdeeds of India's Central and State governments (of which there are many), we who live here are caught in the crossfire for largely no fault.

In any case, an enemy will be identified soon - the right one? Hopefully the media won't insist on "depoliticizing" this issue any further. We need every kind of debate about who these terrorists are and why they want to attack Indian government and/or people. History shows that identification of an enemy is the first step before unified action. I too will be trying my bit to understand what drives these terrorists.

4) Collaboration with governments of US, UK, Israel etc
It's never too nice to see governments working with each other. Let's just hope our government does not partake of the US government's foolish foreign policies and suffer the after effects.

* * *

Over at National Interest, one blogger suggests that we "Support the Indian state in the immediate near future irrespective of your political or social beliefs, prevent breeding of cynicism against the inefficacy or ineptitude of the state, avoid calls for increased securitisation of the state, disabuse the Indian electronic media of its notion of unbridled “freedom without responsibility” and hold the political parties accountable for a vision and worthwhile action plan for internal security when it comes to choosing the next government."

Nitin, who writes often on strategic and security issues over there, says: "an Indian strategic response ought to focus on Afghanistan, and its border with Pakistan. That theatre is a key front in the global war on terror—and India’s own."
* * *

"Terrorism is a tactic. You can't have a war against a tactic"

Regarding Friday's blasts
pramod kde
My thoughts about the bomb blast I have put on LJ Bangalore. You can comment either there or here.

Human rights and anti terrorist laws
pramod kde
Over at Acorn, there's a lively debate going on about whether human rights will need to be violated while seeking out terrorists. Nitin sparked off the debate by criticizing a Hindu article(link) by the Director of Amnesty International in India.

Today there is a rebuttal of sorts by Salil Tripathi.

Is Terrorism an issue in Karnataka elections?
pramod kde
I wanted to do a quick poll: Do you feel Terrorism (you know, the "Naxal threat", attacks by Pakistan supported terrorists or any other kind of terrorism) is a significant issue for you in the upcoming Karnataka elections?

Can you just put in a comment saying yes or no, based on your overall perception? You don't necessarily have to justify your answer.

P.S: I thought of asking this after reading a few posts on Offstumped talking about the (alleged) importance of this issue in Karnataka. The latest post says:"..The issue of Terrorism is real in Karnataka and the Congress has a pathetic track record on dealing with Terrorism..". Older posts include S M Krishna’s Anti-Terrorism Record and Karnataka Polls - The SIMI Factor ?. Feel free to read those if it helps you make up your mind.

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