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Space related bug in Google's search result page if you search YouTube
pramod kde
I have seen this bug on Google's search results page for a couple of weeks now. Do a Google search for a query with one or more space characters in it, say something like with space. On the results page, use the "more" from the top left menu and select YouTube. In the resulting YouTube page, you'll see all space characters in your query being replaced by %20. So you'll end up searching for with%20space on YouTube, which is very different from searching for with space!

This wrong behaviour doesn't happen if you select "Books" or "Blogs" from the "more" option, but the link to YouTube is broken.

Technically, "%20" is how browsers encode any space characters that are part of a site's address (the query string submitted through a form, in our example). A quick look at the HTTP Headers tells me that Google's search result page is doing the right thing when querying But redirects to, in the process adding some "gl=IN" parameter. During this step, the %20 is not processed correctly. The percent itself gets escaped and as a result shows up in the search box! :)

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