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"Freedom" of speech in our Constitution
pramod kde
The people at INI have started a new blog called Swaraj which promises to be about "Individual rights, Development, Smart welfare". I happened to agree with the latest post there, which is a pithy description of the lack of freedom in the Indian Constitution. Ron Paul never tires of saying that the constitution exists to restrict government and protect the natural freedoms of the people. I'm tempted to paste the contrasting Free Speech clauses on my blog too:

In the Indian Constitution:

"Constitution of India, Article 19. Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc.-
(1) All citizens shall have the right-
(a) to freedom of speech and expression;
_15[(2) Nothing in sub-clause (a) of clause (1) shall affect the
operation of any existing law, or prevent the State from making any
law, in so far as such law imposes reasonable restrictions on the
exercise of the right conferred by the said sub-clause in the
interests of _16[the sovereignty and integrity of India,] the security
of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order,
decency or morality, or in relation..."

Are they giving something or taking away everything?

In the US Constitution:

"American Constitution, Amendment 1- Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…"

Sigh. And we still put up with government censorship, restrictions on adult content, and laws against seditious speech. Just yesterday The Hindu carried an interview with the "Regional Officer" of our films censorship board with the title "Affable man with sharp scissors". Grrr..

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bili - nan jothe US-g banbudu :)


and who was (more) freedom of speech curtailing laws?

Patriot, DMCA ... ! :-D

Constitution of India may be verbose but it is effective.

it should be has

I think our Constitution is too verbose to be effective. Anyway, it's the principles and the quality of the populace that matters. The Constitution by itself can't do much.

firsht neen hogi survey madkond baa :P

Bili, kandy survey politics/constitution bagge anthu iralla ;) And I am fairly confident that you won't benefit from his survey. I might :P

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