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The Hindu Magazine does it again
pramod kde
The Hindu's Magazine section today was another classy compilation (I last praised it here). It championed a range of genuine progressive causes - child welfare, healthcare for the aged, primary education etc.

Apparently today is World Alzheimer's Day. So The Hindu had not one but three articles on the topic (link 1, link 2, link 3). Since I try not to learn about diseases, I don't know if there were plugs for any specific institutions or doctors.

Mike Marqusee makes an eloquent case for socialism. He cautions against "rationalizing" away inequalities and assuming that "equality of opportunity" - considering how flawed it is in practice - is a sufficiently redeeming factor. Even though previous socialist efforts have turned authoritarian, he believes it could be tried successfully again. He says the poor bear the brunt of the negative externalities of the market, citing climate change as an example.

Need for a safety net talks of healthcare for the elderly: "Proper planning and the implementation of a public health policy regarding support for the elderly has today become a necessity"

2 people from some NGO write on the Children's food program according to the 11th Five Year Plan: "Over 1000 people, mostly women, from 15 states gathered and rallied in the capital on September 2 to press long standing demands for better services for their children in the context of the ‘new’ 11th Plan. Parents, anganwadi workers, pan chayat representatives, and grassroots workers spoke — through songs, slogans and stories — of their anger and despair..."

Kalpana Sharma writes on the status of primary education in India in the backdrop of some documentary called "Divided Colours of a Nation".

In Terrorism and the State, Harsh Mander writes how law enforcement agencies are prone to targetting particular communities - Muslims in the current context.

Dancer Mallika Sarabhai is profiled with an emphasis on the social commentary of her art form - feminism, environmentalism, corruption. In her words: "The arts are an amazing language to break through our closed minds and prejudiced views. Artists of all kinds who are concerned about the mess and injustice around us must use this platform.". She has set up an institute for socially conscious art.

Then there's the usual fluff like evolution of fashion in films, Asha Bhonsle turns 75, travel, food etc.

And there are almost no ads. This paper is definitely run by committed ideologues :)

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been reading this mag recently. what about this ?

Interesting. Had never seen this site before. Looks like it has anti Republican agenda from a quick glance :D

it calls itself 'the flagship of the left' :)

one reason i read it :D

btw, we should meet sometime. let me know if you come to the inst of world culture sometime - i work just around the corner

Ah, a self proclaimed leftist magazine! Ok.

Oh yeah, we should definitely meet. Sid has been saying that too. I come to IIWC on Saturday or Sunday usually. Not weekdays :|

(Deleted comment)
The Hindu is not available in Singapore?

"This paper is definitely run by committed ideologues :) "...:)
I would prefer to say committed comrades!

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